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Happy New Year!! I hope 2018 is off to a great start for everyone! I have a little secret that I want to let you all in on. Monat. Ever heard of it?! Well if you follow me on social media (Facebook ‘Tiffany Perry’ or Instagram @tiffanydperry) then you’ve seen some posts pertaining to a new hair care line I recently discovered. You guys. It’s seriously the best thing since sliced bread!

Ok, here it goes… cold hard truth and maybe a fact or two you didn’t know about me. I was an active hairstylist for 9yrs (hair color was my best friend) before leaving the field full time and taking on a new journey. The passion for hair never left and I’ve always kept my license active. I’ve used and/or tried a million salon professional products in my day. I’m a firm believer in always taking care of your hair and only using “Good” products. With that being said, I had never found a product that totally “wow’d” me and gave me the results I needed and desperately wanted. I had been using Redken for YEARS (was good, but didn’t have a wow factor), I had recently cut my hair off because I was fed up with it (fine, limp, damaged = lifeless) and I was willing to try anything at that point. I had been following a local photographer/blogger on IG simply because I loved her style. She started using Monat on her hair and the results she was posting on Instagram left me speechless… and skeptical. I’m probably the biggest skeptic you’ll ever meet and direct sales/network marketing was not my thing. So, I requested to join her FB group so I could see what all the hype was about. I did my research for 2 months and everything inside me said “try it”. I mean, let’s be real. It’s just shampoo. We all have to use it. I felt as though it was too risky NOT too. I committed to a 90 day process and signed up as a VIP so I’d get a discount. Market Partner scared me, though I’m kicking myself now lol. I would’ve gotten more bang for my buck!

Anyways, fast forward 2 months and I was obsessed! My hair has been transforming since day 1 (even my husband noticed a difference). I am approx 4mos in and the results just keep getting better! Did I detox? Yep. For about 4wks and then the clouds parted and the angels sang 🙌🏼 Once I was through that detox period and could see/feel the difference, I was hooked! 30 days in and I decided to pull the trigger and upgrade to a Market Partner. Not to make money, but because I believe in the products and the company. I’m no sell out. I wouldn’t invest my time in to something I didn’t believe in. With that being said, this product is being used by hair stylist, scientist, surgeons, and a little fun fact – the same scientist behind coppertone. Yep, same one behind Monat. I want ALL my friends and family to have The.Best.Hair. It’s like your favorite pair of shoes you want to tell your girlfriends all about. It’s that good.

Pic below, that’s me!! All three of these photos were taken after a fresh wash and blow dry. No products. No styling. My hair hasn’t been this smooth without a styling tool involved since I was a kid! full disclosure… I had a routine highlight and cut between pics 2 & 3.  💥Did I mention it’s also great for the man in your life? My father-n-law just started with the classic confidence system for hair growth. Stay tuned for those progress pics!

My current regime:
My first wash is with the Monat Black Shampoo + conditioner. I use a dime to nickel sized amount concentrating on my roots and rinsing out after 2min. No suds with this wash.

My second wash is with Renew Shampoo. Same routine, but this one will suds! Let sit 2min and rinse
I follow up with either the revitalize conditioner or the Intense Repair Treatment conditioner (winter months for extra moisture) concentrating on my ends and rinsing out.

After I’ve towel dried, I spray the Intense Repair Treatment spray (for thinning/growth) along my hairline and apply the Moxie Mousse to my crown area. I then Use the blow out cream with 1 drop of the Rejuvenique oil (game. changer.) applied scalp to ends and blow dry as usual.

2-3 nights a week I will coat my hair with the oil and sleep in it. It will not transfer to your sheets. Promise. I use the Champ dry shampoo for my “no wash days” and recently added Rejuvabeads to my regime 1-2x a week on damp hair.

Since I’ve added the IRT spray… Look at that hairline growth! Just under 4wks.

Below pic is of Sarah Hill. That local blogger/photograper I mentioned above. That’s her 1 year progress pic! WOW! #hairgoals

If you are where I was and are ready to be wow’d – email me: or join my FB group ‘Nurturing Hair with Tiffany’. I’m here for you! Keeping you up-to-date on all the new trends and keeping your hair looking good 😉

xo, Tiffany